Submission Guidelines

Initial submissions do not have to follow the journal’s publication guidelines. However, if the manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are required to resubmit their manuscripts based on the Journal’s publication guidelines, which will be provided at the time of acceptance. Accepted papers will not be published until the manuscripts fulfill the publication guidelines. Articles must be submitted in English. Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. All submitted manuscripts are checked and screened for any possible duplication or plagiarism via iThenticate.

For submission papers must be sent to [email protected]

Questions regarding the EJSS can be directed to us at [email protected]

Publication Fee


Eurasian Publications have open access policy. This approach provides opportunities for the paper to make the biggest impact on the academy in terms of visibility. Also, we try to enable high-quality papers from low-income countries to be published in the international journals. Authors are not required to make any payment during the submission process. During the review process, the authors receive feedback from peer reviewers even if they publish it elsewhere. Our reviewers and editors are independent when making acceptance or rejection decision of the articles and examine the manuscripts’ academic quality and their contribution to the existing literature. 

If the paper is accepted for publication and the authors decide to proceed with the publication in our journal, publication costs occur due to the fact that when a manuscript is submitted, it is processed through the various steps such as:

  • performing the initial technical and similarity checks,
  • coordinating the review process with the journal’s Editorial Board and external reviewers,
  • making sure that the manuscript and its review process meet the journal’s policies and specific guidelines,
  • converting the manuscript into a paper with publication-ready format of the journal,
  • handling the proofing process,
  • handling the index and archiving services for the particular journal,
  • answering any questions throughout the process,
  • collaborating with our marketing, communications, and technical personnel so that the article receives the appropriate attention.

Open access policy requires that these costs should be covered by those individuals and institutions that benefit most directly from a paper’s publication. Part of the publication fee is reinvested into the technical systems supporting these services to meet the expectations of authors, reviewers, readers and other stakeholders.

The payment can be made with credit card via secure payment system. After the payment, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming your payment. Once the payment is made, we will process it ASAP and our representative will contact you to prepare the invoice.

Publication fee in Eurasian Publications journals is EURO 200. There is no submission fee but the accepted papers are required to pay the publishing fee. Authors do not need to pay the publishing fee until their manuscripts are accepted.