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Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance

Aims and Scope

The mission of the Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance (EJEF) is to give opportunity to papers which tests theory and contributes to practice. All empirical methods – including, but are not limited to, qualitative, quantitative, field, laboratory, and combination methods – are welcome. Studies focused on developing countries are especially encouraged. Empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles from all major fields of economics and finance (including economic theory) such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, monetary economics, money and banking, international economics, labor economics, development economics, managerial economics, corporate finance, financial economics, behavioral finance, investment, public economics, health economics and the like are accepted in the journal.

To be included in the journal, a manuscript must make strong empirical and/or theoretical contributions to the field. Consequently, preference is given to submissions that test, extend, or build strong theoretical frameworks while empirically examining issues with high importance for theory and practice. EJEF aims to give priority to manuscripts that examine countries in the Eurasia region. However, all papers from related fields on any region or country are highly encouraged. Single country studies, multi-country or regional studies could also be submitted.

Please note that, from 2022 onwards, EJEF invites paper submissions also in “letter” format, in which papers are limited to 2,500 words – excluding abstract / tables / references / figure and table captions / footnotes. “Letters” format ensures a fast review process.

Eurasian Publications
(Esra Barakli)
Aksemsettin Mah. Kocasinan Cad.
Erenoglu Is Merkezi
Fatih – Istanbul, TURKEY
Email: [email protected]
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